Welcome to kogotag!

You can join our discord following this link

kogotag.ru is gaming community created by Serenity#5170. We are hosting Moviebattles II servers for russian community Force-Zone.ru
Our community is based on Discord server. Check the link above

NEW! Library is available

Few words about server rules because of recent events:
1) First of all, we don't have any strict rules. I only judge players by my own opinion. There is one way to get around problems with administration: be patient, calm and respectful. It means, that even if you think you do not break the rules, but you taunt someone, or calling someone noob you may be warned by administrator, because you are not beeing respectful to other players.

2) Secondly, there is a pattern how some players deal with trolls, tkers and other troublemakers. They just start to teamkill them back. THAT is very bad thing about trying to administrate. Imagine if administrator didn't see how you was killed by teammate (or anything else), but he saw how you teamkill back. That would look like you are intruder, and don't doubt, you will be punished for that. Or there might by another situatuion, when you killed your teammate back because he was killing you on purpose, but when administrator asks you what has happened, you both tell him that you were tked. Next it will get many admin's time to figure what really happened out. Or he can decide just to ban you both and he will be right, because you both killed teammate. So, I want to ask you NEVER pay your offender back. Record it some way, or just call the administrator. Write me in discord personally, or just in cantina. I will join the game and help you, or send another administrator.

Soon there will be a system allowing to record server demos automatically from all of players and watch it to get evidents. When that happens, you will be able to tell the date of the incident and administrators can check demos and verdict.